Mahly’s Beauty Glitter :
Mahly’s Beauty Glitter is our best selling product.
These special glitters can be used on your eyes, face and on your body as well.
A glitter adhesive will be required to apply the glitter.
Just tap the glitter on the desired area after applying the any glitter adhesive.
It’s shine outclasses even the worlds top beauty glitters.
It won’t cause any irritation or any sort of rashes.
And following are different variations of Mahly’s Beauty Glitters:
1- Jaan
2- Pappu
3- Ashh
4- Shona
5- Chandni
6- Asshu
7- Baba
7- Heer
8- Mitthi
9- Eishu
10- Easter
11- Glexy
12- Melifecent
13- Meema
14- Zoi

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