Mahly’s Beauty Camouflages:

Mahly’s Beauty Camouflages is one of our best selling product and quickly goes out of stock.
It lasts upto 24 hours and and is mostly used by professionals.
You can use it straight away or it can be mixed Mahly’s Beauty sim drops to give your skin a light coverage or a heavy coverage finish.
Our Beauty Camouflages comes in 10 different colors with colors such as “Correct Me” used to hide your under eyes and presentation on your face. And Pearly used to brighten your under eyes and for prying your eyelids.
Following are the different color available for this product :
1- Correct Me
2- Pearly
3- I’m Tan
4- Slightly White
5- I’m Pink
6- I’m Natural
7- Perfect Me
8- Feel my skin
9- Not Nude
10- Chocolate

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