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We offer all kinds of beauty and selfgrooming products of high quality at very reasonable prices.
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by ayesha sayeen

courses we offer

Here at Mahly’s we offer you a chance to earn and to make a solid impact in this field by 3 different categories of courses: Diamond Course, Gold Course and Silver Course respectively.
All of these courses are taught and managed by ma’am Ayesha Sayeen herself alongside her team of professionals.
To determine in which course you will be enlisted to, ma’am Ayesha Sayeen will initiate an entry test for you.
The results of your entry test will determine the course you will be a part of.

silver course

The Silver course is for beginners.
Who are new to this field and are looking to take the first step in this field and will learn the basics of make-up and such.

gold course
(1, 25,000)pkr

The Gold course offers professional classes for those who have some experience in this field and are looking to groom themselves.

diamond course

The Diamond course offers advanced classes and will be for the beauticians who have a good experience in this field and are looking to improve themselves even further

Mahlys Makeup




Mahlys Makeup


I would go to cosmetics counters and buy two or three foundations and powders, and then go home and mix them before I came up with something suitable for my undertones.


Mahlys Makeup




makeup artist

A mother

mahlys ceo

ayesha sayeen

motivational speaker


about the owner of mahlys

I’m Ayesha Saeen, as CEO of Mahly’s Beauty I wish for your well-being and lots of love.
I’m approaching my sixth year in this wonderful field.
During these years I’ve worked with and learnt from wonderful, incredibly skilled people from around the world.
I’m officially certified from 17 different countries.
I’ve also been teaching and spreading the knowledge about my passion to next generations.
With 200 million+ follwers on Facebook, 120+ followers on Instagram and 50k subscribers on YouTube I have made a certain impact on social media.
After all of the investment of time, determination, all of the experience in this field, a collection of famous brands from all around the world and most importantly with the grace and blessings of All mighty Allah and alongside the hardwork of increadible team of 32 skilled professional we have Started this beautiful project
I simply wanted to relieve my passion once again by taking a step futher and launching my own brand “Mahly’s”
With this new beginning and now a wonderful family of 32 professionals our goal at Mahly’s is relieve our passion by providing the best services to our customers.
Ayesha Sayeen

On-line purchase

Buy your favourite item from our wide range collection at appealing prices. With completely simple and super fast UI purchasing a product online has neven been easier.

shipping all over the pakistan

We deliver orders to all over Pakistan withing 3 days 250pkr per delievery

no compromise on quality

natural products

With more than 2.4 billion Muslim consumers around the globe, the demand and market of halal products is indeed growing at a constant.
The department of cosmetics is often overlooked and with majority of Non-Halal manufacturers the need of Halal cosmetics products is concerning.
Especially a new Manufacturer like Mahly’s Beauty people’s concern about the validity of our products is natural
But we assure you that our Products are made from materiels, sourced from halal ingredients and processed in accordance with the halal system.
And thus, all of the Services and Products we offer are certified Halal.



A Fragrance with good and refreshing scent is a blessing. We make sure and put alot of efforts in our Products to smell extraordinary and to make it standout.



We ensure that our services and products are of top-class quality. As this is one of things where we make no compromise because your health and satisfaction is out top priority.



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We provide a wide range of beautiful and enticing colors from with you can choose your favorite.



Our products are made from natural and fresh resources. And thus, our products do not have side effects